25 Aug,2021

As a manufacturer, you might face the dilemma of which packaging to use for your products. It is essential to understand the attributes of your products to choose the appropriate packaging solution. Stand-up pouches are known to be diverse and versatile allowing a variety of goods to be packaged in it. In this post, we dive into the reasons why you should change can packaging to stand-up pouch packaging for your products.

What is Flexible Stand-Up Pouch Packaging

Flexible Packaging Pouches

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A flexible stand-up pouch packaging is the one made from material that can easily be modified and manipulated even when full or empty. The materials used are usually papers, plastics (low density), and metals. In some instances, you might get a standup pouch with a combination of the three. Additionally, flexible packaging has features like durability and lightweight. They can survive different changes in environments such as pressure and temperature.

Stand-up pouches are most applicable in the packaging of food like baby food and beverages; however, they can also be used in the packaging of other industrial products. The stand-up pouches have different styles, doyen (the most common), the k seal, and the corner bottom.

What is Can Packaging

Can Packaging

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Can packaging is the putting food and other products into cans for preservation and storage. The cans are usually sterile before any products are filled inside, then sealed. Metal cans for canning food are the most commonly used types of cans. The metal cans can be tins, aluminum, or steel depending on your preferences. Paper cans are also used for packaging food, although metal cans are more durable.

Advantages of Stand-up Pouch Packaging

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Why choose a stand-up pouch for packaging? Well, here are the benefits of packaging your products in a stand-up pouch.

Save Storage Space: stand-up pouches take less space than other packaging materials, meaning you can store more packages in a small space. This goes a long way in saving warehouse space and you can store other products in the free space.

Custom printed stand up pouches: you can customize your pouch in size, shape, handles, and also its design. Wherever prints you need on the package, the right manufacturer will deliver it for you. Decide on the print you want and request a free sample to visualize it better.

Lowers the cost: stand-up pouches are known to lower cost thorough purchase, storage and transportation. Since its materials are lightweight, they are inexpensive to buy. Moreover, they need less space for storage, hence saving a lot of money on warehouse expenses.

Promote eco-friendly packaging: most if not all stand-up pouches are made from eco-friendly materials that are also durable meaning there will be less wastes.

Extend shelf life: the standup pouch is designed to keep its contents sealed until its usage time. A perfect seal prevents contamination or leakage of the contents inside the pouch. Furthermore, unlike metal cans that sometimes transfer into the food, pouches do not have this effect, increasing the longevity of the packaged products.

Get more flexibility in your custom options: if you want a flexible packaging option, then you are right to choose stand-up pouches.

Are Stand-Up Pouches Better for You

Various Stand-up Pouches

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Although stand-up pouches have several advantages, they cannot be used for every situation. If you are not sure whether the pouches are applicable in your setting, then read on.

Application: products that can be stored in a stand-up pouch are frozen food, baby food, beverage, detergents, lubricants, motor oil, condiments, etc.

Consumer preference: as an entrepreneur, you have to assess which type of packaging your customers prefer. If they are drawn to stand-up pouches, then go for it. You can also customize the bags according to their specification and add unique designs to lure potential consumers to your products.

Budget: budget plays a vital role in deciding the packaging container. Stand-up pouches are very affordable considering they have impressive properties. Their flexibility and durability lowers cost tremendously. So if you have a tight budget, it is advisable to use stand-up pouches.

Any Spout Pouch Manufacturer Near You

You should also consider if there is a manufacturer near you. Getting an experienced and efficient pouch manufacturer near you will be very beneficial for your company since the services will be readily available. Also, packaging  products will be more cost-effective since you will be cutting the cost of transporting your products to the pouch manufacturer to package.


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