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A stand-up pouch is a flexible packaging material that can stand on its own. It is a standard packaging solution for many manufacturers since it has several advantages for both manufacturers and customers. Stand-up pouches are made from polyester, metal foil, or polypropylene. The sealing of the stand-up pouch can be done in the factory or at home. There are steps to be followed when doing so. 

Below is a guide on how to seal stand-up pouches correctly. Read on.

What Do You Need

Stand-Up Pouch

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Sealing a stand-up pouch is possible both at home and in a factory. There are some things you need when sealing a stand-up pouch, they include;

Seal Stand Up Pouches at Home

For sealing a stand-up pouch at home, you only need a heat sealer machine, a stand-up pouch, and a surface for working. You pre-warm the machine then place the filled pouched on the sealing bars. Make sure the pouch has some space on top to allow the sealing process to be accurate. Leave the pouch for a few seconds then remove. Check if the seal has any openings, if there are some, then repeat the process to ensure the opening is well sealed.

Seal Stand Up Pouch at a Factory

The manufacturing process of the stand-up pouch is completed by sealing. The sealing takes place after the pouch has been filled up with the desired products. Most manufacturers use impulse heat sealers or direct heat sealers depending on their setting. The impulse heat sealer is preferred when sealing thermoplastics i.e, polyethylene and polypropylene. These materials do not require high temperatures.

For direct heat sealing, the device has two jaws that seal the package. The jaws are set at a constant temperature which will seal the pouch. This machine is suitable for pouches with thicker materials such as cellophane, coated Kraft papers, and coated PP.

Heat Sealer Machine

Heat Sealer Machine

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A heat sealer machine is a device used to seal plastics and polythene bags. It is also known as a bag sealer machine. Heat sealers are available in different sizes meaning they are applicable both at home and in a factory setting. Heat sealer machines work by producing strong heat waves to seal the pouch placed between the bars. The bars get heated enough to melt the bag and seal it. The seal is very firm and can only be removed by a lot of pressure.

Sealing a bag follows the following steps;

There are several benefits of using a heat sealer machine, they include;

Impulse Sealer

Impulse Sealer

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An impulse sealer machine is a device that uses an electric impulse to heat up a wire that melts the pouch to seal it. It is used to seal different types of plastic bags which will only be opened by cutting the bag when in use. Impulse sealers have an upper hand over the heat sealer machine since they do not need a preheating time. Impulse sealers come in five types; double impulse, automatic, tabletop, foot-operated, and attached cutter (impulse sealer with cutter).

The foot-operated device is most applicable in high-grade projects and is usually mounted on a stand. The tabletop impulse machines resemble a stapler and are easy to operate. Double impulse has two bars that can be used in heavy packages. The attached cutter machine cuts the bag after sealing. It is especially used in packages that need to be sealed at two ends. On the other hand, the automatic sealer does not require any manual assistance to seal the pouches.

Automatic Heat Sealer

Automatic Heat Sealer

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Automatic heat sealer machines are devices that are operated fully by the machine. The machine works when the operator sets up the temperature and other settings, then lets the device take over. The heat melts the wax on the packaging and bonds the two sides together. The resultant seal is firm hence protecting the contents inside from any contamination or leakages.

Hand Sealer

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Hand sealer machines are sealing machines that can easily be operated manually. The device has a resistance wire where you will place the pouch for sealing. After placing the bag at the sealing point, you close the device and the impact will cause sealing of the bag. Close the hand sealer for a few seconds to enable perfect sealing. Thicker materials will need more time to seal hence leave them a bit longer. 

The hand sealer machine can be used to seal packages of various materials like; polyamide, laminates, polypropylene, polyethylene (low, medium, and high density), and co extrusions.


In summary, sealing a stand up pouch is not as hard as it may seem since you only need to have the appropriate heat sealer machine according to the pouch material. Moreover, you need a quality stand up pouch to ensure your products are stored safely. In Logos Pack, we are a manufacturer of packaging materials and our stand up pouches have been known to outshine other manufacturers. 

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