22 Mar,2021
Flexible Packaging

As a business owner, finding quality packaging products is essential to ensure that you get to serve your customers accurately. One of the best solutions is flexible packaging that allows you to use compact products. These compact products are more durable and take up less space especially on the shelves for retail. One of these packages is the wine pouches that come with sturdy packs that also feature a dispensing tap. They are stand-up pouches designed to cater to the wine industry.

When looking for these wine pouches you need to ensure that you work with quality flexible packaging manufacturers. With such companies, you’ll get the best wine pouches to ensure that you get the best packaging products in the market. The UK has become one of the growing flexible packaging hubs with amazing manufacturers who create quality products. Some of the best wine pouch brands in the UK to consider include:

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Logos Pack

Logos pack logo

Logos pack is one of the leading flexible packaging manufacturers to consider for your wine pouches. It was established in 2004 and has since grown to provide quality packaging products in the food and beverage industry. They are well equipped and have acquired great experience in the industry to ensure that their products are top-notch. With the different staff members in different departments with varied expertise, they get to work on producing quality.

They feature the use of different technologies that allow them to stay ahead of the trends and be the first in production. Additionally, Logos pack focuses on sustainability to ensure that their products serve a greater purpose. This is especially witnessed when it comes to conserving the environment. They create amazing wine pouch options with quality materials that allow their customers to use the products with ease. The materials are approved by the FDA and SGS to ensure that they are safe to use to pack food and beverages. They embrace technology and innovation ensuring that their clients get the best products in quality and also function.

FFP Packaging Solutions

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Source: www.ffppkg.co.uk

The FFP packaging company has been around for 50 years and has developed incredible systems that allow them to produce quality. They are big in embracing technology to ensure that they meet their customer’s expectations. They work with a team that is well versed with the best materials to use and the best processes to implement. This has made them a thought leader in the industry which has led them to become award winners.

The best part about the company is that they observe the need for sustainability, especially with the environment. Their processes and products are designed to be eco-friendly to ensure that they serve customers while also conserving the environment. This company prides itself on having the most competitive prices when it comes to packaging products. They have streamlined their processes to make them cost-effective for both the company and the customers. Additionally, they feature the help of well-educated and friendly customer care providers who will address any issues you have.

Sun Packaging

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Source: www.sunpackaging.co.uk

The sun packaging company has seen great evolution from dealing with paper bags, mailing bags, and finally to flexible packaging. They work to create products that are designed for their specific customers. This company prides itself on putting its customers’ needs first to ensure that they are accurately met. They get this done by paying keen attention to the specification each client has and ensuring that they deliver on the requirements. This makes them stand out and shows the fact that they care about their customers.

All their products are made with the highest qualities in mind to ensure that they get to serve them for a long time. Their spout pouches come in different sizes to accommodate different drinks and powders. Depending on your specific designs and needs, you can have this company work to bring them to life. You can be sure that all the products are safe to use given that they work with FDA-approved materials to create their packaging products. When it comes to their wine pouches they are designed to be reliable and sturdy. They also boast a great array of big brands as clients they’ve worked with over the years.

Epac Flexible Packaging

Epac flexible packaging logo

Source: https://epacflexibles.co.uk

If you are a small business coming up, this is an excellent company for you to consider working with. Epac flexible packaging was established in 2016 and has grown to serve dozens of businesses countrywide. They pride themselves in providing quality and embracing the latest technology to help them provide the best at every turn. This has allowed them to gain a reputation as the leading flexible packaging manufacturers around the world.

They work with a qualified team of experts tasked with the duty to create and develop amazing designs for their customers. This company’s mission is centered on helping small brands and businesses get to a high level and status. They have embraced the use of technology that allows them to work with a faster turnaround time. This is usually done in 10 to 15 business days to ensure customer satisfaction. They pride themselves in having open processes that can be communicated to their customers to ensure they are all on the same page. This allows them to foster a trusting relationship with the clients they work with. They are mainly geared toward the food industry and work with products that are food-grade certified. This means that all their packaging products are safe to use especially if you’re looking to pack food or beverages.

Law Print Pack

Law Logo

Source: https://lawprintpack.co.uk

Built with an ethical obligation around offering true value to its customers, law print pack has come a long way to offer quality packaging products. It prides itself on being the best in offering exactly what its customers need. This means that with all your specifications, you’ll get to invest in a quality product that will meet all your needs. They supply over 50 million flexible packages every year to new and existing clients.

Their products are designed to be of great quality and feature the latest innovations in technology. This company comes with a modern warehouse that has a huge storage capacity that allows them to handle a lot of orders. The best part is that they have easy access to transport networks which makes dispatching and transporting orders a breeze. With this, you can be sure that your packaging products get to you on time and in the right conditions. Their wine pouches are well designed and created to offer convenience and function to their users.


Finding quality flexible packaging manufacturers is important to ensure that you get the best products in the market. Take your time to find wine pouches that will serve you well and build a working relationship with your chosen manufacturer. With this list of the best companies to consider in the UK, you are sorted to choose one that appeals to you. Invest in-depth research to learn more about the different brands to ensure you make the right decision on who to work with. 


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