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Consisting of products made mostly from non-rigid materials, the flexible packaging industry is diverse and competent. Flexible packaging can be in various forms: Liquid packaging, mylar bags, retort pouches, biodegradable pouches, and so forth.

However, with all these options, the struggle and dilemma increase for the buyer. Therefore,  the Top 5 Flexible Packaging Companies in Texas blog can help in finding a company that can meet your expectations. If your search is not limited to Texas, you can refer to a reputable and excellent flexible packaging company: Logos Pack.

List of Flexible Packaging Companies in Texas

Before beginning the blog in detail, here is the list of the top 5 companies we will use for review.

  1. All American Containers Inc.
  2. Novolex
  3. Accredo Packaging Inc
  4. Assemblies Unlimited 
  5. AmeriPac Inc.

Top 5 Flexible Packaging Companies in Texas

1. All American Containers Inc.

 All American Containers Inc. logo


  • Type of Business: Flexible Packaging Company Manufacturer
  • Location(Headquarters): Atlanta, USA
  • Year Founded: 1991

A business of Vertiv; All American Contain Inc. is a leading manufacturer of glass, plastic, and metal containers. Their range of products can be extensive. If you are looking for a good range of beverage/liquid packaging to choose from, All American Containers Inc can be your destination.

Products and services offered:

  • Beverage Packaging
  • Industrial and chemical packaging
  • Wine packaging
  • Food, oil, vinegar, spice packaging, and more

2. Novolex

Novolex company logo


  • Type of Business: Manufacturer of Flexible packaging and Sustainable packaging
  • Location(Headquarters): South Carolina, USA
  • Year Founded: 2003

Novolex is one of the prominent manufacturers in the flexible packaging industry. The company takes pride in its sustainable packaging methods. Thye claim to offer excellent service, and innovative solutions to their customers. They have 62 manufacturing facilities around the globe and are committed to their mission of good packaging.

Products and services offered:

  • Food packaging
  • Delivery
  • Food processing
  • Can liners
  • Carryout bags
  • Wraps and liners
  • Cutlery, and more

3. Accredo Packaging Inc

Accredo Packaging Inc logo


  • Type of Business: Sustainable and Flexible packaging manufacturer
  • Location(Headquarters): Sugar Land, Texas, USA
  • Year Founded: 2009

Accredo takes pride in its sustainable packaging methods. Therefore, if sustainability is your top priority, Accredo can be the right place for you. Accredo produces the most traditional packages in sustainable methods. The company ensures to make most of its packaging recyclable and compostable friendly.

Products and services offered:

  • Frozen food packaging
  • Beverage packaging
  • Snack packaging
  • Pet Food packaging
  • Bio-based recyclable products
  • Post-Consumer Recyclable based products, and more

4. Assemblies Unlimited

Assemblies Unlimited logo


  • Type of Business: Custom flexible packaging manufacturer
  • Location(Headquarters): Illinois, USA
  • Year Founded:1993

Assemblies Unite has its clients around the globe. From Walt Disney to Boost, Assemblies Unite has prioritized offering quality solutions to its customers. With more than 20 plant locations, Assemblies Unite makes it particularly easy for their American clients to access a plant located close to their region.

Products and services offered:

  • Food packaging
  • Non-food packaging
  • Supplement packaging
  • Secondary Packaging
  • Pouching
  • Bottle filling
  • Clamshell packaging
  • Shrink Wrap packaging, and more

5. AmeriPac Inc.

AmeriPac Inc. logo


  • Type of Business: Flexible Packaging Manufacturer
  • Location(Headquarters): Irving, Texas, USA
  • Year Founded:1989

AmeriPac Inc is an American company that aims to bring the best of flexible package manufacturing. Their staff focuses on providing excellent, innovative, and custom solutions to their customers.AmeriPac Inc. takes pride in their rich experience and the quality they build for their customers.

Products and services offered:

  • Secondary packaging
  • Label and Packaging Design
  • Animal Health and Veterinary Medicine
  • Hair accessories
  • Pet products
  • Dietary supplements
  • Pharmaceutical drugs, and more.

What Can You Consider When Choosing the Right Company?

The task to finalize the best flexible packaging company in Texas can be difficult and time taking. However, they are certain criteria which you can follow before preceding with the company of your choice. They are:

  1. Quality

One of the most important factors: quality, is a vital criterion for the buyer. Your brand image and reputation rely in depths on quality. Therefore, a company that can promise good quality products with cost-effectivity is the best company you can opt for.

  1. Sustainability

Sustainability has become a crucial component to follow. After all, the concerning images with the environment can make anyone worry. Therefore, companies that can ensure environmental sustainability would be appreciated by the customers as well.

  1. Certifications and experience

Without any doubt, a company that has certifications to prove their quality, and experience to build trust with customers can provide quality service as well. Therefore, both components are essential.

  1. Versatility of Options

Methods such as custom packaging and printing can attach a customer well to a brand. Therefore, the customization has to be unique. For that, manufacturers have to be flexible and should be able to carry a variety of options to suit the requirements of the buyer.


The flexible packaging companies in Texas are diverse, and to narrow one of them down is difficult. Through this blog, some of the best flexible packaging companies in Texas have been narrowed down. The buyer would be able to have a certain idea for which company they should follow. To meet the best of quality expectations you can contact Logos Pack and learn about their innovative ideas.