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The Philippines is home to over 100 million people. That’s a sizable population that’s more than enough to support any type of industry independently without any outside help. This is why the Philippines is one of the most industrialized nations in Asia, with a wide variety of manufacturers. Among these, the ones that stand out the most and are in high demand are the flexible packaging manufacturers who deal with retort pouches.

Retort pouches are a special type of food packaging made using a flexible laminate that combines plastic and metal foils. They are airtight and can preserve any kind of food for a very long time. We are going to look at the best retort pouch manufacturers in the Philippines, where they are based at and all the other information pertaining to their operations.

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Company Details

LogosPack was established in 2004 with one purpose in mind. To supply the vast region of Fushan with reliable packaging solutions that were in high demand at that time due to the emergence of several manufacturers who needed packaging materials. That marked the beginning of the rise that has seen the company grow from its humble beginnings into one of Asia’s biggest makers of packaging materials.

Among the many products that feature in their catalog is the retort pouch. They are mostly made for the food and beverage industries in Fushan and beyond, with some of the products even finding their way overseas. The company is known for its reliance on the latest retort pouch processing technology, which enables them to always stay ahead of its competitors.

Logos Pack is also heavily invested in the environment. This is what it is spearheading eco-friendly packaging solutions that would put the company way ahead of the rest once the world completely switches off plastic materials. If you have been looking for the perfect packaging partner for the future, then Logos Pack would be your best bet.

Stream Peak


For an impressive 45 years, Stream Peak has been supplying the Philippines with high-quality packaging solutions for a wide range of manufactures based both in the capital and the rest of the country. The company was formed in 1975 by two brothers with the sole intention of protecting consumer goods, making them last longer on the shelf. This slowly grew with time, and as more workers were added, the company’s portfolio also grew significantly. It started making all kinds of packaging material, including retort pouches which were in high demand as the number of food-making companies started springing up all over the country.

The company is now home to over 100 employees, with branches spread out across the Philippines and five other countries overseas. Their catalog now stands at about 200 items, which is a very impressive number considering how long they have been active in the game. Stream Peak handles custom orders that involve branding, thanks to a reliable team of graphic designers who go out of their way to deliver what the client wants. You can never go wrong in the Philippines if you partner up with this company.

SwissPac Philippines

Swiss Pack logo


SwissPac is an international conglomerate that has branches in many countries worldwide. The Philippine branch has been active for over 25 years now and has been a reliable manufacturer and supplier of packaging materials to the city of Pasig and its environs. The main company is based in India and handles the exports of their products to over 60 countries across the globe.

A good chunk of the retort pouches that they produce is used in the coffee and tea industries, where they are preferred for packaging as they are good with dry foods. Snack makers and dry nut manufacturers also make a huge part of their clients and are spread out across the nation. What has made SwissPac such a successful regional giant is its versatility. They are not just involved in the manufacturing of retort pouches, but they handle the branding, customizations, and distribution. 

The retort pouch packaging company is also committed to its fight to save the environment with a big emphasis on the recycling of their products once they have been used and collected through the many collection centers around the Philippines. The eco-friendly pouches they make will one day revolutionize the world.


EntrePouch Logo


EntrePouch is a newly founded flexible packaging manufacturer funded in 2017 to provide packaging options to the many food manufacturers in the Philippines. Within that short period, EntrePouch has been able to grow so big to the point where they are squaring up with companies that have been in the game for much longer. The company boasts of an impressive catalog that has over 100 different products, most of them being retort bags that are used in the food and beverage industry for a wide variety of foods, from snacks, drinks, dry fruits, and pet food packaging.

What has made the company such a big hit within a short time is its handsy nature. They deal with their clients on a personal level which makes it easy for them to know exactly what the customer wants. Their prices are also competitive, with attractive discounts for repeat clients. This and their use of high-tech machines and eco-friendly practices combine well to give them the edge they need to navigate the highly competitive flexible packaging industry.




This is another international retort food packaging conglomerate with branches all over the world. Established in 1998 to provide reliable packaging solutions to the rapidly growing manufacturing industry globally, Kolysen has been growing from strength to strength over the years and can now comfortably be considered among the top players in the game. The company specializes in all forms of packaging, with retort pouches being their best-selling product due to the high demand from the food and beverage industries.


The race to take the top spot as the best flexible packaging manufacturer in the Philippines continues to heat up as more companies are formed every year to meet an ever-growing demand. Although the pressure to introduce sustainable packaging solutions is also getting stronger, many of these companies still have some years left before the plastic restrictions fully kick in.

If you are a budding manufacturer looking to get into the flexible packaging-making space but are confused on what direction to take, feel free to get in touch with us, and we will explain everything in detail. For more information on what we deal in, check out our website at your earliest convenience.

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